Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thank Goodness for May

I know you may wonder how I could love living in Monterrey but I can just say it can grow on you. This is our second time living here and this time we have been here almost 3 1/2 years. It's just my husband and I and of course the loves of our life, Chipper and Breon. We live in San Pedro, Garza Garcia, Monterrey, NL, Mexico close to shopping, many good restaurants, and never a dull moment. Life here has many challenges but I can easily say each day is
not ever the same.

Before I write too much about life here in Mty, I must focus on what is going on here regarding the Swine Flu. It is so strange here ... the city is balancing between panic on one side and a "whatever happens" on the other side. Going into stores, or even just driving down the street the whole atmosphere changes when people pass you wearing face masks and greeting their friends by tapping elbows rather than the normal hug or kiss on the cheek. My friends and I ventured out to lunch recently... wewere the only ones there. Spooky. They were adorned appropriately however. My only question is howthey ate!

For two years now I have been the designer and editor of a newsletter for our ex-pat community, Newcomers of Monterrey, We publish from September through May and rest during the summer months when most e-pats go to visit relatives at home. It is kind of a love/hate job for me. I love being creative and thinking up new things to include for members to read. The club's objective is to help inform women new to Mexico about just how fabulous this country can be to call home. The best thing for me is that I get to meet so many people through individuals inquiring about Newcomers or some other resource. The one thing that is challenging is that I need to meet the needs of women from so many countries, peak their interest with articles, etc. The other side of doing the newsletters is it takes a lot of time. So that is why I am looking forward to May as it is a time of rest for me.

However just last month I began doing another new newslette for ASOMO, the organization for US citizens living in Monterrey. So I guess I might enjoy this job after all, since here I go again with another one.